Hi, I'm Kathy


About Kathy

Kathy is a long-time resident of Montana having lived the majority of her life in Missoula. As a fourth generation Montana, she understands Montana values. She recognizes the draw to Montana people have coming from other states, other places where voices are not heard or acknowledged. These people long to be heard and represented.

She has raised three children in the Missoula Schools and has four grandchildren being educated in the Montana schools, junior high, high school and college. Being part of the Montana work force for many years, with positions in the medical field, trucking and transportation industries as well as municipal government she carries with her a variety of experiences.


She is married to a fellow native Montanan. She is proud of the years of service he gave to our country as a Viet Nam Veteran.   As a property owner and former business owner, she is aware of the challenges higher taxes and lack of employees face many Missoula residents and businesses. As a retired person with senior parents, she knows it is important to hear from residents in this sector. As a Representative she will strive to continue addressing the concerns of the people.

She is the first woman conservative representative in HD 96.  She strived to listen and represent the concerns of the people during the 67th session, while keeping in mind the impact to all Montana.

While serving on the State Administration and Veterans affairs Committee, the Local Government Committee, Transportation Committee and Legislative Committee, she was provided the opportunity to listen and hear the concerns of people from all over


Montana. She is a member of the Montana Land Information Advisory Council.

She served on a local school board, volunteered with nonprofit organizations, and worked volunteering with special needs students.

She felt the call to step up and run for office because of the love of Montana and its' residents. She wants to continue to be the Representative for Missoulians and Montanans, listening and hearing the concerns of the people.

Kathy worked on bills to help the handicap and disabled community


First Republican woman to be elected in HD96

in 20 years

cemetery VA 2022.jpg

Missoula VA cemetery. Kathy visits this site often to pay respects to her friends and family buried here. This year she was honored to help lay wreaths on other veterans' grave sites and thank them for their service, wishing them a Merry Christmas