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As a Montana resident, wife of Montana native and veteran,and the mother of 3,  my Montana values run deep. With 2 grandchildren in college, one in high school and one in grade school, all in Montana, my priority is to assure that our future generations enjoy the Montana that we have. The areas of Mullan Road/Missoula Airport are facing challenging growth. I would like to make sure that our Montana values go into all of the decision making. We have to be smart about spending YOUR TAX DOLLARS, while advancing education, public safety and infrastructure. 

I believe in respect and courtesy. I believe that a person representing the residents of Montana should be that REPRESENTATIVES for the people. We should not be exploiting the people of Montana for self-promotion.  We owe it to the voters to listen and REPRESENT those that trust and believe in us, doing just what the word is REPRESENT the people.

Our duty is to work together to get the people's work accomplished.

Division in Montana, Division in America is NOT  our friend.

While serving at the Legislature Kathy  received a call from a constituent that was having issues getting their unemployment Covid check. No one was helping the constituent.  She had fallen through the cracks. She was desperate. She reached out to Kathy as a last resort.  Kathy was able to connect her to a worker that was able to help her sort out the issue and get her issue resolved. 


The first woman Republican Representative for House District 96 in 20 years

Working to pass bills that help Handicap and Disabled Montanas


Veteran's Cemetery where thousands of wreaths were placed on graves.  Have been visiting this cemetery for years to visit our friends and family buried there. This year I was pleased to recognize the service of so many more veterans laid to rest here.

-Property Tax Relief
Resolutions of State
-Hospital and Mental Health Crisis in Montana
- Tax relief for Seniors and Veterans
-Collaborating with colleagues to effect solutions to address the help we all need

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